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Trapped in the Dark Wilds

When a group of Danish eco-tourists travel to the rainforests of Central Africa to observe one of the most amazing living creatures, the endangered lowland gorilla, they witness a strange and disturbing scene, uncovering a State secret that puts them in grave danger.

What should have been an experience of a lifetime quickly develops into a manhunt. It involves illegal mining, coldblooded local gangs and an international cover-up that sees highly dangerous goods travel across the continent and into the hands of oppressive foreign regimes.

Dan Borre, group leader and owner of Congo Adventure & Eco Tours, decides to take matters into his own hands. He must act quickly against uncertain odds to protect the people to whom he has vowed safety.

From his experience as a former diamond trader, and fleeing with his family from their rubber plantation in Liberia in the midst of a bloody uprising, Dan knows all too well the perils that he and his small group face. He must piece together the fragments of the clandestine operation as time dwindles away and complications mount, until a helping hand advances from an unexpected source...


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